Disappear From Digital Radar

Your sensitive data is too valuable to be stored on servers. That's why we've removed this risk altogether. With ChatMail, your identity, messages, notes, camera, and microphone remain secure and inaccessible to anyone but you. We provide impenetrable protection from unauthorized access and third-party interference, allowing you to stay connected with complete peace of mind. Discover how we achieve this level of security on both UEM and Renati operating systems.

Our Unique Hackproof Operating System

Renati is our custom operating system on Pixel devices for privacy- and security-focused customers who don’t trust third-party apps, open devices, or cloud services. It makes ChatMail even more secure by removing every potential vulnerability such as Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, fused location, and emergency services. By eliminating Firebase Cloud Messaging (Google’s backend service), screen recording, ADB access, and USB Signaling exploits like Pegasus or forensic tools like UFED analyzers don’t work. Add on our custom designed bi-directional tunnelling protocols, in-memory data structures, and Advanced Message Queuing Protocol, and you’ll have ultimate confidence in your data’s safety.

Our Secure And Fortified Encryptions

Our secure encrypted communications are available on a wide range of Android devices thanks to our long standing partnership as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) of Blackberry Unified Endpoint Management. We’ve taken UEM even further by running it from our private data center to keep your data off the cloud and prevent any interaction between our clients and Blackberry. The added granular control lets us further restrict what data is transmitted in the first place and gives us total authority over the ChatMail ecosystem. We’ve combined the best of their proven technology with our own obsession for privacy and security, with no compromises.

Say Goodbye To Stored Information

ChatMail is the flagship product of Myntex Inc., headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is important to have your service provider located in a country where the government supports encryption, privacy, the rights of citizens and due process of law. Exclusive ownership assures round-the-clock security and control eliminating the risks associated with outsourcing to third-party data centers where maintenance, back-up protocols, and physical access are often unknown. Protect your rights with our proprietary design that guarantees our servers don't store anything beyond username, activation, and expiry date.

Encrypted Backup And Restore 100%
No PII or Messages Stored on Servers 100%
Private Canadian Data Centre 100%
ECC AES 256-bit 100%
99.9% Uptime 99.9%
Parsing Algorithm (PGP) 100%
User Generated Keys 100%
Encrypted Camera 100%
No Third Party Apps or Services 100%
Anonymous Group Chat 100%


The Mobile Revolution You’ve Been Waiting For


We're thrilled to announce the official launch of Renati, our new security-focused operating system, purpose-built to make ChatMail even stronger. In our resolute commitment to perfection to ensure our users can communicate without compromise, we enlisted an external penetration testing firm to prove ChatMail on Renati cannot be cracked. Rigorous assessments unequivocally prove that not a single commercially available forensic device was capable of extracting data from Renati.




Powerful Security Enhancements


Building a proprietary OS enabled us to eliminate all third-party services. We created a secure socket tunnel that uses a specially designed gateway for authentication so your device can securely communicate with our servers, Over-the-Air updates and provisioning. We integrated our own custom certificates into Renati OS, so they can never be duplicated.


Specialized Device Hardening


It all starts with our custom hardened kernel, removing developer debugging capabilities and insecure services. The result is a minimalistic architecture and reduced attack surface. Our custom encrypted camera prevents unencrypted metadata from being stored in the filesystem, and our private keyboard doesn’t send information to Google. We further protect our clients by removing every potential hardware risk.




Your Location Doesn’t Exist

It was a considerable undertaking, but we found a way to stub the code for Google’s Fused Location services, a pervasive feature deeply embedded into all mobile devices that caches your location points and data into the phone. Further, as third-party app downloads are restricted, the collection and transmission of your location data to advertisers, data brokers and other entities is eliminated.


Top Features At The Tip Of Your Fingers

Experience the convenience of streamlined and intuitive access to ChatMail's top features with a single touch. Our sophisticated design ensures that you can communicate with complete freedom and confidence, without the frustration of complicated or buried security features.


Tamper Proof and Duress Password

Set an optional duress password which can destroy all your sensitive data in an instant.


Self-Destructing Messages

Send a picture, note, or message that can’t be saved and will be destroyed on all devices at a set time.


Notebook Lock Set-Up

Lock down your important content with a customized PIN.


Encrypted Camera And Photos

Take optimized photos that are saved without any cached data.


Anonymous Group Chat

Easily and securely message multiple people at once, while protecting each others’ identities.


Encrypted Calling

Talk with up to two other ChatMail users at once. Our high quality, low latency calls are secure and encrypted for your ears only.


Multiple Language Support

Use ChatMail in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, German, Albanian, Serbian Cyrillic, Japanese, Polish and Italian.


Encrypted Messaging

Send and receive encrypted voice messages and listen by earpiece or speaker.


Unified User Interface And One Touch Access

We've completely streamlined the user experience by developing the latest, most advanced, intuitive, and powerful encrypted software. You no longer have to switch between apps because everything you need is in one place.


Dark And Light UI

ChatMail gives you the option to choose between a light and dark user experience depending on your personal preference and your desired usability.


Settings And Custom Controls

With our in house development team we are always updating and adding new features and software enhancements. Updates are quick, painless and instant.


Contact Management

Manage your contacts in the most secure way.


Secure Passwords

Your first level of defense is a strong password. Be sure to create alphanumeric passwords in ChatMail, with upper-and-lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.


Urgent Messages

ChatMail gives you the option to mark a message urgent or not.


Destroy ChatMail

Military Grade Encryption Made Easy To Use Within your ChatMail Profile.

Let's Show you the Value we Bring to Your Life

With multiple encryption algorithms and an easy-to-use interface, our advanced features make for a seamless transition into the world of encrypted communications.

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